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Historic Restoration//NV

Carson City Courthouse, Carson City, NV

Carson City Courthouse:  The 1920 Carson City Courthouse, part of the National Register of Historical Places, was remodeled and renovated.  Hyytinen Engineering LLC structurally designed the seismic upgrade, remodel, and renovation. It's chiseled sandstone exterior walls were kept.  The original lobby with polished marble and plaster and molded ceilings were also maintained.  New foundations, supports, door openings, a new elevator and a new ramp was also installed.

Frandsen Humanities University of Neavada, Reno

Frandsen Humanities Remodel and Seismic Retrofit: Provided a complete structural seismic upgade to this 1917 structure.  This included stabilizing interior and exterior walls and columns, which were concrete, masonry and steel.  Hyytinen Engineering LLC also stabilized the existing floor and roof framing.  With the seismic upgrade, new shear walls were added with new collectors, ties, connections and strapping.  This facility is two- stories, plus a full basement, and a full story high attic area.

Berlin Historic Mining Building, Berlin, NV

Berlin Historic Mining Building: In 1898 the Nevada Company moved equipment from Ione to Berlin and erected a new thirty-stamp mill.  Structural Renovations for the 100 year old structure included seismic upgrades and stabilizing the existing structure, which included a new roof.

Eureka County Court House, Eureka, Nevada

Eureka County Court House, Historic Renovations, Additions, Remodels and Seismic Upgrades: Provided a complete seismic upgrade and stabilization for this two-story, plus full story attic, in this 1879 Historic county courthouse.  A complete seismic upgrade was performed which included a new foundation system being placed throughout the building, new concrete shear walls being added which linked the interior and exterior masonry walls together. 

Palmer Engineering Building University of Nevada

Palmer Engineering Building University of Nevada: Currently in the design phase, this project is a complete renovation to provide new labs, classrooms and office space. Structural Renovations include the addition of a 3,000sf elevated floor, the addition of a new roof diaphragm, and strengthening the existing unreinforced masonry walls with shotcrete.  Built in 1940-41, the Palmer Engineering Building housed most of the University's engineering classrooms and labs until Scrugham Engineering opened 1963.

Stewart Indian Historic Renovation, Carson City, NV

Stewart Indian School Historic Restoration: Structural engineering services for structural renovations of over 26 separate historic buildings have been performed.  Twenty-six buildings were reviewed and analyzed, with reports and cost estimates prepared with seismic upgrades completed.

Churchill County Courthouse:  Remodel, addition, and renovation of 1910 historic courthouse in Fallon, Nevada.  This work included raising the historic courthouse building, removing the existing failed foundations and repacing them with a totally new foundation system.  The building was brought up to meet the current seismic code requirements. A new two-story additon was also added on the north side.

NV State Library/NV Commission on Tourism, Carson City, NV

NV State Library/NV Commission on Tourism:   For decades this imposing red brick structure at the heart of downtown Carson City was the U.S. Post Office for the town.  It also held a variety of federal courthouses and other federal offices.  In 1972 the feds moved out and it was given over to the state, who used it as the State Library until the early 1990's. Now it is home to the Nevada Commission on Tourism.  


The structural renovation included seismic upgrades and stabailzation of the building for the new offices.


Historic Restoration//NV

  • Pink House, Genoa, NV